Monday, February 13, 2012


Sizzix Big Shot Machine

Included with the Big Shot are a pair of Standard Cutting Pads and the adjustable Multipurpose Platform, which makes all makes all Sizzix components thinner than a Bigz Die compatible with the Big Shot Machine and even works with other brands' dies and embossing tools! The diagrams on the Multipurpose Platform offer easy guidelines about how to make the perfect Sizzix sandwich.

The Big Shot Machine measures approximately 14 1/4" x 12 3/8" x 6 5/8".


aminfira amira said... can i buy that sizzix? can u tell where is your location?

Crafty Diva's said...

Hi Amira..

i'm at Bdr Sri Permaisuri, Cheras..
anything you can email or sms me ya..


suhaili said...

kak..brp bigshot ni?? sgt2 teringin..
sy suhaili

Crafty Diva's said...

Sue..akk dh reply email ye..

Anonymous said...

kak berapa hrga bigshot ni

Anonymous said...

sy pn nk tw hrga bigshot ni kak,emel kn hrga ni kat

Crafty Diva's said...


harga wat masa ni RM570..
utk promo skrg ada free gift atau free postage.


Nor Hapizah Abd Manan said...

Ada stock tak? Blh order.. ada promotion Ker. Pls email me

Anonymous said...

assalam! maaf mengganggu.
i am selling off my sizzix big shot pro. pls see attached link for details. let me know if you are interested. thanks in advance! :)

eljoyce said...


Nak tanya..masih jual lagi ke Big Shot ni?

Berapa harga nya sekarang?