Thursday, October 20, 2011


Untuk crafters yg nk berkarya dgn design flora & fauna..boleh dapatkan pattern books di Crafty Diva's..
Sekurang2nya pattern yg ada blh dijadikan rujukan utk menghasilkan design yg menarik.
*Tip utk trace pattern bg quilling..cuma lapiskan dgn plastik lutsinar agar mudah utk melihat pattern dan utk melekatkan gam..
blh juga menggunakan tracing paper utk embroidery, quilting, felt, glass painting dll.
*Sila email atau sms 013-3098464 utk pertanyaan.TQ.

*Garden Flowers Iron-On Transfer Patterns ~ RM25.90
~48 pages

*Favorite Birds Iron-On Transfer Patterns ~ RM25.90
~48 pages
Forty charmingly rendered designs, including border and corner motifs, display rosy, faced lovebirds, a cardinal, western meadowlark, house sparrow, cedar waxwing, scarlet macaw, toucan, hummingbird, and other handsome species.
Ideal for embroidery, fabric painting, other crafts.

*400 Floral Motifs ~ RM49.50
~128 pages
Treasury of rare Victorian-era designs for borders, wreaths, cushion squares, sprays, and other projects.
Includes patterns for verbena, strawberry, lily, and many more.

*Treasury of Floral Designs and Initials ~ RM54.90
~128 pages
Practical archive of over 700 wonderfully graceful and imaginative designs featuring flowers, leaves, and vines in delicate interlacements.

*Traditional Floral Designs and Motifs ~ RM63.90
~1280 pages
Superb treasury of 319 royalty, free designs skillfully rendered from French, English, German, Swiss, and Russian textiles of 18th and 19th centuries.
Profusion of flowers, leaves, sprays, branches, fruits, and birds in varied formats: clusters, bouquets, single vignettes, more.

*Floral Designs and Motifs ~ RM44.90
~80 pages
This versatile collection presents 136 exquisite floral designs for royalty-free use.
Ready-to-use designs of popular flowers, native wildflowers, houseplants, shrubs: Lily, African Violet, Camellia, Dogwood, Tulip, Holly, and dozens of others.
Ideal for needlework and craft projects, graphic arts, etc.

*Oriental Floral Designs and Motifs ~ RM54.90
~94 pages
Over 90 royalty-free black-and-white illustrations offer graphic excellence of Oriental art.
Peonies, wisteria, lotus, cherry and plum trees in full bloom, bamboo, birds, insects, decorative border elements, more.

*Great Book of Floral Patterns : The Ultimate Design ~ RM94.50
~215 pages

*more title will updt..

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