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~128 pages

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Learn to crochet, make a granny square. It's a simple formula that has held true for decades. Crocheters love granny squares because the technique is simple to learn but the possibilities are endless. Vary the colors. Use the same colors but change their placement. Add unique images. Make the same square over and over but in different sizes. There is much to love about the classic square crochet motif.
But if it's hip to make squares, imagine the coolness quotient of circles, stars, triangles, and hexagons. "Beyond-the-Square Crochet Motifs" introduces crocheters to more than 150 designs of every size and shape. Full-color photographs capture the intricate details and color work in each motif, and the stitching instructions offer the flexibility of being presented in both text and symbol formats.
Each motif can be quickly crocheted and then used as a small embellishment on a larger item or combined with other motifs to create original pieces, from baby blankets to tote bags. Edie Eckman inspires readers to see the world of possibility in each motif. Master the technique, then let the imagination run wild.
Motifs give crocheters the freedom to play with shape, color, and texture in patterns that are small and quickly completed.

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~ Hardcover RM124.50

~128 pages

"100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet" showcases a lush bouquet of blossoms perfect for embellishing your favorite clothing or accessories. As a finishing touch for all your handmade garments or a great pick-me-up for a vintage find, these lovely blooms are the perfect way to use up scraps of yarn or try out interesting new yarns.
Breeze through this gorgeous collection featuring a colorful palette of simple spiraling roses, saucer-sized poppies, delicate lilacs, an assortment of vegetables, and more. All are shown full-size and in scale and is complete with stitched leaves and embroidered stems. Each flower has full instructions, yarn requirements, and a suggested skill level. An additional section serves as a refresher course with basic techniques and provides inspiration for embellishing your finished flowers with beads, buttons, and sequins. You can also learn how to use the flowers in a range of fun projects, from customizing clothing and accessories, to decorating gift-wrapped packages.
This book will inspire all knitters and crocheters to pick up their needles and start creating their own beautiful blooms.

~128 pages

Over 200 all-new crochet stitches, embellishments and trims make this the one-stop shop for all creative crocheters. Every stitch is shown as a clear swatch to show the effect and texture, and the pattern is given both written and as an easy-to-follow diagram.

~80 pages

Get inspired to crochet for a good time and a good cause These easy crocheted accessories make ideal gifts for friends, family, and charities-and will brighten the life of the maker and the recipient alike. Eighteen projects are perfect for whipping up in multiples, or for making one quick gift. Designs include baby blankets and booties, plus hats, scarves, bags, and even pet beds.

~144 pages

~316 pages

Edie Eckman comes to the rescue in "Around-the-Corner Crochet Borders," a collection of 150 colorful crochet frames, each with detailed instructions for working around a corner. Instructions are offered both as text and as charts for working in-the-round; back-and-forth charts are also included for when that method is more appropriate. Photographs of finished borders, each turning a 90-degree corner, allow readers to see the details up close. Borders range from the delicate to the flamboyant and are sure to appeal to a new generation of trend-setting crafters.

~128 pages

"150 Knitted Trims" offers a beautiful and diverse collection of contemporary and classic trims. Each trim is displayed in a swatch with complete row-by-row instructions, plus information on the dimensions of the finished trim and the amount of yarn required per length. Select from colorful zigzags and chevrons; twisted cords and bobble fringes; woven ribbon-effect braids; textured leaves, flowers, fruit and more. And there are ideas galore for using the trims on items such as baby blankets, bags, and throws, plus inspirational suggestions for color and embellishments.
Suitable for both beginners and avid enthusiasts, "150 Knitted Trims" is organized in two main sections for ease of use: first, a directory of the trims shown actual size (so they can be "tested" on your designs). And second, easy-to-follow complete pattern instructions for each trim. Each design is graded according to skill level. An additional section includes a refresher course of stitches and techniques used for guaranteed success.
A companion book to "150 Crochet Trims," and another book that all knitters and crocheters will want to add to their library.

~160 pages

~128 pages

*Uncommon Crochet - RM85
~168 pages

~160 pages

The Knitter's Bible goes back to basics, with an overview of the yarns and equipment available today.
It then takes readers, step-by-step, through the basics of knitting, with knit and purl, casting on and casting off, and reading patterns.
It goes on to expand upon the basics with further techniques, and includes a stitch library that will become an indispensable reference to which to be constantly referred.
The Knitter's Bible provides plenty of opportunities to explore one's developing skills and experiment with a variety of motifs to liven up any knitting.

*Crochet Bible - RM-98
~159 pages

*The Knitting and Crochet Bible - RM107.50
~318 pages

*Crochet Adorned - RM107

*Crochet Embellishments - RM95

*The Knitting and Crochet Bible - RM107.50
~318 pages
Learn how to knit and crochet like an expert with this ultimate start-to-finish handbook. Basic techniques are thoroughly explained through clear artwork and easy-to-follow instructions, complete with advice on choosing your yarns, needles and crochet hooks. Inspiring designs add excitement to your projects, including knitted cables, fair isle and lace, crochet motifs and embellishments. Over 45 original projects allow you to use your new skills, while the extensive stitch library provides endless creative possibilities for needlecrafters of any level.

*50 More Crocheted Afghan Borders - RM39

 *Crochet Purse - RM35

*Crochet Inpspiration - RM85
~256 pages

*50 Fabulous Crochet Square - RM65 

*Stitch Style Bags: 20 Fashion Knit and Crochet Patterns ~ RM58

~96 pages 
~L17.53cm x W17.78cm
Grab hold of fashion with "Stitch Style Bags," a savvy collection of easy-going carry-alls that will inspire crafters with an eye for style. 
From a tweedy shopper to a crochet satchel to a luscious silk evening purse, there's a bag here for every season, reason, and occasion. 
Best of all, the projects created by the most imaginative talents in the field.
Are easy to make and portable, so knitters and crocheters can stitch wherever they go. 
Each project includes full-color photos and easy-to-follow instructions.
Twenty cutting-edge designs for beginner and expert stitchers of all ages. 
A basics section covers all the essential techniques
Most projects can be completed in a weekend.

*Crochet Bouquet: Easy Designs for Dozens of Flower ~ RM65 
~131 Pages

Crochet bouquets of nearly 50 whimsical, wonderful flowers, in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.
Done in upscale yarns like ribbon, chenille, and silk, this contemporary garden will get intermediate-level crocheters grasping their hooks. 
Some of the flora looks realistic; others are beautifully fanciful, pure products of the imagination. 
A simple, well-photographed basics section explains how to create them all: specialty techniques include felting, stacking the flowers, stiffening the petals, and linking the flowers together. 
"Grow" daffodils, dahlias, ferns, firewheels, primroses, sunflowers, and violets or even a fantastic blossom with layers of scalloped petals radiating out in increasing size from a crystal button center. 
For added inspiration, a series of showcase projects incorporates the blossoms, including hats, backpacks, pillows, and cards.

*Mary Engelbreit - Little Things in Thread Crochet - RM49

*Must Have Handbags ~ RM19

*Small & Sassy Purses ~ RM18 (out of stock!)

*Knit Lace & Leaves for Baby ~ RM35

Layettes to Knit and Crochet ~ RM18

*Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Crochet - RM107
~220 pages

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