Wednesday, December 1, 2010


PRICE RM55.90(RRP RM65.90)

Cards to express best wishes, to cherish as keepsakes, to delight friends and family,
to ignite a crafter's creativity, that's exactly what these 45 projects, created by a group of talented artists and designers, can do.
From Happy Birthday Times Three, decorated with paper tags, to an invitation to Come to Tea, they're all simple and pleasurable to hand-make.
Experts Mickey Baskett and Marci Donley have provided in-depth information on supplies, patterns, and worksheets;
illustrated instructions for paper decorating techniques, such as stenciling, stamping, embossing, and collage and professional advice on creating messages and incorporating photographs.
No matter what the occasion, birthday, wedding, graduation, anniversary, a new baby, or any kind of holiday, these cards beautifully commemorate the day.

PRICE RM55.90(RRP RM75.90)

Collage Cards is the perfect debut book in this brand-new beginner-friendly series on creative card crafting. It offers approximately 50 inspirational projects, with seven themed chapters that cover everything from focal points and photographs to embellishments, backgrounds and inside treatments.
Incorporate used dress patterns, with its tea-colored tissue paper and interesting arcs and arrows. Evoke Paris with the lush flowers on French perfume labels.
Go charmingly vintage, with old-fashioned children's art.
Tips insights and card variations show how even the simplest alterations can transform a layout.

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