Thursday, April 15, 2010



The acknowledged queen of decorative painting has a gift for those who love to pick up the brush: more than 200 of her most striking patterns. These are the most popular designs among Priscilla Hauser?s many students, and they include florals, fruit, folk art, garden motifs, baskets and other containers, animals, and holiday ideas. It?s a goldmine?and there?s still more, because Priscilla supplies plenty of information on using and transferring the patterns; choosing supplies; and 
mastering such techniques as shading and highlighting, blending, changing colors, and finishing the piece. She also covers preparing and painting on different surfaces, from glass and fabric to wood and metal. Finally, each pattern is painted by Priscilla in color, to inspire fellow painters.


Through her media appearances and seminars, Priscilla Hauser has become the ambassador of decorative painting and a much sought-after teacher. If you don't have five days to attend her class, do the book version of her quick-fix program at your convenience. Try Hauser's unique approach to brush strokes and proper preparation of surfaces, and learn her distinctive pen-and-ink and fabric painting techniques. Then you're ready for 14 projects that take just a few hours to complete, including Fish on a Tin Tub, Sunflowers Coat Rack, and Ladybug Garden Set. A Main Selection of the Crafter?s Choice Book Club.


"The First Lady of Decorative Painting" has already taught more than a million people around the world the pleasures of creative painting, and now she reveals how to turn "seen better days" old furniture into extraordinary works of decorative art. Anyone can do it, simply by following her no-fail instructions. Just trace the patterns and follow the color photographs that illustrate the techniques, from prepping the furniture to adding lifelike illustrations of flora and fauna; from creating distressed and "crackle" finishes to preserving the finished piece with a variety of sealing and trimming methods. The projects include a British Colonial Palm Tree Chair complete with climbing monkeys, a Lollipop Roses Desk, a Fly Fishing Stool, and other beautiful and fun items.

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